You Can Save Money Too

Beat The Heat To Keep Your Air Conditioning Bill Low

Whether you are waiting for repairs or just don't want to bleed your wallet dry this summer, staying cool without the A/C is something most people only dream of. However, heading out to the public pool isn't the only way to beat the heat. Some of your own habits are contributing to your energy bill woes.

Cook Outside

Unless you are planning on having a big salad for dinner or ordering in, cooking will produce quite a bit of heat. Instead, use this as an excuse to cook outside. Grilling is, of course, the classic option. With so many recipes easily available online, you can easily make something new every night, or at least until the heat wave is over.

However, by clearing off a bit of space in your garage, you don't need to limit yourself to the grill. Your slow cooker isn't just for having dinner ready when you first get home from work. You can set your slow cooker out there to cook your dinner without adding any heat to your home. If you want to do this often, you can even set yourself up with a little toaster oven or hot plate to make simple meals without bringing any heat into the house. For the most part though, a slow cooker and a grill will get the job done nicely.

Skip the Long Sleeves

While it might seem obvious, one extremely simple way to reduce your energy costs is to raise the temperature on the thermostat. While many have become conditioned to a cool 68 degrees, A temperature of 75 to 78 can be both comfortable and offer serious energy savings, If you feel the need to wear long sleeves inside, you are definitely setting your thermostat too low. No one is going to see you in your own home, so ditch that sweater for something that will help you stay cool.

If you crank up the temperature all at once, you are going to feel the heat. Instead, slowly raise the temperature as spring continues, and by the heat of summer arrives you will be ready. Depending on your comfort level, you may even want to go higher than 78, but be sure everyone in the house is okay with this decision. Every degree will make a measurable impact on your bill. Just don't forget the temperature down before guests arrive — they may not be as comfortable in a warm home. 

Do Chores When It Is Cooler

There are some chores like laundry and dishes that need to be done regardless of the outdoor temperature. However, energy usage is directly related to the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. What this means for you is, your A/C will find it easier to cool your home when the outdoor air is colder, even if the thermostat setting remains the same.

You can take advantage of this by only doing chores in the cooler hours of the day. A nice cooling rain will also allow you to clean the whole house, and all the heat that produces, without killing your wallet.

You really can work with the heat of summer without breaking the bank. Some small lifestyle adjustments will keep your air conditioner from working so hard in the heat of the day. Of course, these same techniques will help you withstand the wait for the repairman when your A/C breaks down. Waiting a few days for a regular appointment instead of paying for an emergency appointment is just another way to save the money you need for other expenses.

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