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Five Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

If you turned your furnace on this winter, you may have noticed that your furnace is blowing cold air. Obviously, this is a problem because you want the furnace on to make your home more comfortable in the chill of winter, especially at night. Here are five reasons your furnace might be blowing cold air instead:

  1. The Thermostat is Set to On: If you notice cold air coming from the vents, it might simply be because your thermostat is set to on instead of auto. The reason this allows cold air to blow through the vents is because, when set to on, the fans will constantly be blowing, which might generate more cold air than warm, especially when you first turn it on. Instead, having it set to auto will simply bring in the heat from the furnace rather than having the fans turned on. 
  2. The Air Filter is Dirty: If the air filter is dirty, then it is going to restrict the air flow in the home. This is, again another simple fix you can make. If it's not fixed, the burners will shut off simply because of safety reasons. When this happens, there isn't any warm air coming into your home. 
  3. The Gas is Shut Off: At some point during the summer you, or someone else may have shut off the gas in the home. Before coming to conclusions, it's always best to check if this also might be what the issue is before calling in professionals. 
  4. The Air Ducts Have a Hole: Air duct leaks are a common problem homeowners have that restricts air flow since the air is leaking out before it can even get into the home. You will want to have an inspection for this and then have the ducts sealed right away if this is what the problem is. In some instances, your HVAC professional may want to replace the ducts altogether if the leak is severe enough. 
  5. The Furnace is Inefficient: Finally, the last problem might be that the furnace is not efficient, which happens if it's an older furnace. At this point, you may need to consider replacing the furnace so that your home can be comfortable efficiently this winter and you can see major savings on your energy bill, as well. 

When you know these five reasons you furnace may be blowing cold air, you can be sure that you know what quick fixes can be made before hiring professionals. If professionals do need to be called in (start with Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning), then you know what you might be dealing with as far as major repairs go.