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How To Improve Your AC Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home largely depends on how well you maintain your AC system. That is, if you AC and air filters are not regularly cleaned or changed, you could end up with dusty air. Allergens like dust mites, dander and pollen can get recirculated into your home if you AC system is not doing its job. The air conditioner is responsible for much more than just blowing cold air into your rooms. It is also recirculates and draws out stale, allergen-filled air. So, AC maintenance is particularly vital if anybody in your house has allergy issues. 

Change Your Air Filters

Some residential AC systems have multiple air filters. Large homes often have extra, filters mounted on the inside of some of the registers. However, most homes only have air filters attached to the furnace pump. The furnace creates airflow and filters the air. So, if the furnace filter is not regularly changed, the quality of the air in you home will suffer.

The filter is very easy to change. It will only take a couple of minutes. You do want to be absolutely certain that your replacement filter is the right size. Compare the size with the old filter to make sure it is exact. Most filters are similarly sized, but installing a filter that is even just 1" to short on one side can make it ineffective.

Cleaning Your Air Registers

Cleaning your air registers is another effective way to improve the quality of the air coming into your home. The registers can catch dust as it gather in between the individual vents. With this happens, it is not uncommon for mold to form in the registers. You cannot rid your registers of this mold until you completely remove them from the wall and clean them thoroughly.

Cleaning your registers can be done easily in your sink with a sponge and dish soap. You can clean several at once. Make sure you let them dry off completely before reattaching them to the wall. Also, vacuum out the ducts while the registers are off of the wall. Dust and mold on the inside of the air registers is also bound to be on the ducts. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting (if you have mold) of your air registers and ducts is a simple way to make sure the air in your home is a little cleaner.