You Can Save Money Too

Facts About HVACT

By learning about HVAC facts, you can maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home while preventing issues that can cause health issues, more expensive energy bills than necessary, and avoidable repair expenses. This article can be a great place for you to start when it comes to learning some of these facts that will prove to be so helpful to you, as well as your entire household.

HVAC systems can produce allergens if not kept clean – One of the important facts to learn and always be aware of with regards to the HVAC system is its ability to push allergens directly into your home. If you or anyone else in your home already has issues with allergies or other health concerns like asthma, then this is extremely important information for you. The best way to avoid this issue is to regularly clean the filters. Also, dust the registers and have your ducts checked once in a while to see if they need to be cleaned out. Keep in mind that keeping the filters clean also has other benefits, like lower bills and a smoother running unit.

Turning your air off when you leave can actually save you money – There are a lot of people out there who leave their heating and cooling on all the time, whether they are home or not. The reason many do this is because they have heard that it won't save them money to turn it off. The thought behind this is that the unit will have to work harder to get the house back up to the desired temperature and this makes the unit work harder. The truth is, turning it off when you are going to be gone for a good period of time during the day actually will save you on your energy bill. Plus, it also gives the system a break which can extend the life of the unit.

Closing registers in certain rooms won't save you money – Many people also think closing the registers in rooms that aren't currently being used will help to keep the rest of the house at the desired temperature with less work for the unit and save them on their monthly energy bill. However, not only is this false, but it is also bad for the system because it can cause an imbalance. The system is designed to allow the air to move freely and allowing it to do so is actually the best thing you can do. The registers are more for pointing the direction of the air in the room, not for closing it off completely.

Talk with an HVAC contractor if you think you need cooling or heating replacement to keep your home comfortable.