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3 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner

In most parts of the country, the air is turning colder and the temperatures are dropping. Because of this, like many homeowners, you are no longer running your air conditioner. This doesn't mean that you can simply forget about your air conditioning unit, however. As a new season draws near, there are some things you should do to get it ready for winter.

Here are three winter maintenance tips for your air conditioner.

1. Turn the Power Off

It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but many homeowners forget to turn off the power on their air conditioner when they are no longer using it for a prolonged period of time. To turn it off, look for a small box that is mounted on the side of your home. The exterior power circuit is located inside the box. Lift the cover of the box and put the switch in the "off" position.

Here are some reasons that turning off the power is important:

  • You won't get electrocuted while preparing your unit for winter
  • It won't automatically turn on during unseasonably warm days
  • It will prevent water from getting inside and freezing, which could damage the unit

After powering off your air conditioning unit, you can safely perform other maintenance tasks.

2. Inspect and Clean the Unit

You should inspect your unit for cracks, rust, and other problems. Even though these issues seem minor, they might lead to bigger problems in the future. If you notice any irregularities, you should have an HVAC contractor take a look at the unit.

Besides inspecting it, you should also clean off your air conditioning unit. This includes sweeping off leaves and other debris and then taking a hose and washing off dirt and bird droppings. Once it's been inspected and cleaned, you can place a waterproof cover over it.

3. Add Insulation Around the Unit

One final tip for winterizing your air conditioner is to add insulation around the unit's exposed wiring and pipes. You can do with foam piper covers. Duct tape will help to keep the insulation in place. Adding extra insulation will ensure the pipes won't freeze or crack during cold weather.

If your air conditioning unit is older than 10 years, you may want to skip the maintenance altogether and think about air conditioning replacement services instead. By getting a new one in the off season, you are more likely to get a better deal and pay less.