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Why You Need Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance From A Licensed Technician

Your air conditioner needs regular maintenance, or its performance will decline due to worn parts and the accumulation of dust and debris. This leads to a higher power bill and the risk of a breakdown on a hot summer day. While there are things you can do to maintain your AC, such as change the filter and keep the outdoor unit free from obstructions, you should also have your AC serviced by a professional at least once each year. Here's why.

Your AC Warranty May Require Annual Maintenance

One important reason to hire a professional to service your AC annually is to keep from voiding the warranty on your air conditioner. Read the terms of your warranty carefully to see how often your unit needs to be serviced by an HVAC technician. Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns, and the warranty won't cover repairs needed due to lack of maintenance. Be sure to save your service documents every time you have your air conditioner checked or serviced by a technician so you have proof of the visits in case you need it when you want to use the warranty to pay for repairs.

A Professional Knows How To Clean The AC

Cleaning an air conditioner properly is one of the most important maintenance tasks. If the coils are dirty, your AC won't cool as well, and it could even form ice. A dirty blower can cause your AC to overheat and shut off. An HVAC technician knows each part of the air conditioning system that needs to be cleaned to prevent damage. Keeping your AC clean is so important, that it is worth the annual cost of bringing in a professional just to make sure it's done thoroughly.

A Professional Tests And Replaces Worn Parts

While cleaning the air conditioner is an essential part of maintenance, a maintenance check goes far beyond that. The technician does things like check the electrical components, look for worn parts, and replace them if necessary, measure airflow, lubricate the motor, check belts, and tighten connections. The technician also checks the pressure of the refrigerant. If it's low, the technician has to make repairs to the leak and then fill the refrigerant. Because of the dangers associated with refrigerant, repairs and filling should be left to a certified technician.

It's often difficult to keep up with household maintenance tasks, so some things get pushed aside. However, you don't want to get lax about air conditioning maintenance. Get in a habit of calling an HVAC service at the same time each year, or sign a service contract so the maintenance service reminds you when it's time. Take a look at companies like Precision Temp Heating & Cooling for more information.