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Problems With Your Furnace? 4 Reasons To Call For Repairs Right Away

When you think of winter furnace problems, total malfunction probably comes to mind. While that is definitely a sign that your furnace needs to be repaired, there are other signs that can point to the same conclusion. Take a look at the information provided below. If you experience any of the situations described here, call for furnace repairs as soon as possible. 

Pest Damage

If you've discovered that you have pests living in your attic this winter, you need to be concerned for the safety of your furnace. Pests can do considerable damage to your furnace, especially once they start chewing on things. As soon as you have the pest problem eliminated, schedule an inspection for your furnace. The pests could have chewed through the wiring or belts. They could have also built nests in the ducts. Unfortunately, these are all issues that will require immediate attention and repairs.  

Sudden Gas Bill Increase

If you've been using your furnace all winter long, and your gas bill suddenly spikes one month, schedule an inspection for your furnace right away. The spike in your gas bill could be directly related to the way your furnace is functioning. One cause could be related to cycling; a situation where your furnace shuts on and off more frequently than it should. Another cause for the increase in your gas bill could be a leaky gas line. If the problem is caused by a leaky gas line, you'll need to have that addressed immediately. 

Unusual Clicking From Furnace

If your furnace has started clicking, you need to take the problem seriously. Clicking is never a good sign where your furnace is concerned. Unusual clicking from your furnace can be caused by several issues, including problems with the gas valve, faulty flame sensor, or broken inducer. All of these issues pose serious problems for you and your furnace. 

Strange Odor Coming From Vents

If you've got strange odors coming from your furnace, take a moment to try and identify the odor. If the odor smells like rotten eggs, you have a gas leak. Shut your furnace off and call your gas company right away. Once you've contacted the gas company, call your HVAC service technician to schedule repairs. However, if you smell a strong odor that's unfamiliar to you but that is causing problems such as headaches or nausea, the problem could be located in your heat exchanger. That issue will also require immediate attention.

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