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Signs Your AC Condenser Fan Blades Might Need To Be Replaced And How It's Done

The fan blades in your AC condenser are simple parts, but if they are damaged or not balanced, they can create problems. Fortunately, replacing condenser fan blades is fairly easy to repair as long as repairs are done promptly. Running the AC with bad blades could wear out the motor and lead to more costly repairs. Here are signs of a bad fan blade in your AC condenser and how to get it repaired.

Signs A Fan Blade Could Be Bad

When fan blades in the condenser develop problems, they often make a lot of noise. If the blades are not aligned and balanced, one blade might scrape against the metal as the blades spin. A blade that's bent can also cause a scraping sound to come from the condenser.

The fan blades can often crack too. If the crack is large enough, part of the blade might drag against other parts as the fan spins. This type of damage is easy to spot since you can see the damaged blade through the top of the fan cover on the condenser.

Repairs Your AC May Need

When fan blades are damaged, they need to be replaced. If one blade is bad, the entire unit is replaced since the blades are connected. An important part of putting on new blades is choosing the right blades. The air conditioning repair technician has to consider the specifications of the motor and has to choose blades based on the motor's horsepower and revolutions-per-minute ratings.

Also, the size of the space in the condenser has to be measured to make sure the new blades won't hit against anything as they turn. Finally, the direction of rotation of the blades has to match the motor so the air flows out of the condenser the way the manufacturer intended so the AC can release heat.

Once the technician has the right parts, the fan blades are replaced once the old blades are removed. This entails shutting down the power to the unit and then unscrewing the fan cover. When the cover is lifted off, the blades are exposed so they can be unscrewed and pulled off. The new blades are then put in place and the performance of the fan is tested.

If the blades aren't bent or damaged in any way, but they're out of alignment, the air conditioning repair technician might be able to balance and align the old blades without the need to replace them. This might involve cleaning the blades too since they can accumulate dust and dirt outdoors. For more information about air conditioner repair, contact a professional.