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Need A New Air Conditioning System? 4 Things You Need To Do

When it comes to installing a new air conditioning system in your home, there are a few things you need to do in order to ensure your new air conditioning system installation goes well.

Work With a Licensed and Insured Contractor

First, you need to make sure that the contractor you work with is licensed and insured in your state. Don't just take their word for it; ask for their licensing number and ask to see a copy of their insurance policy.

They should have a liability insurance policy that they can share with you. Hopefully, your installation will go perfectly, but if it doesn't and your home is damaged in any way, the air conditioning company's liability coverage will cover the damage to your home.

Air conditioning companies that are professionals and take their job seriously will be happy to share their business license and insurance information with you.

Don't Work With Subcontractors

When you hire a company to install your AC system, you want to make sure that you are hiring that company and working directly with their own employees.

Don't work with a company that hires subcontractors. A subcontractor is not necessarily going to provide subpar service, but they may not have gone through the same background and testing as the employees of a direct contractor.

Make Sure the Warranty Provides Accurate Coverage

When you get a new AC system installed, the actual equipment should come with a warranty from the manufacture. The warranty should cover the equipment and labor.

Generally, the warranty portion for the equipment will be significantly longer than the warranty for the labor for installing the item. Look for a multi-year warranty on the AC system that you choose to have installed in your home.

Make Sure a Permit Is Pulled

When installing a new AC system, most states require you to get a permit from the city for the installation of your new system.

With residential AC installation, plans don't usually have to be submitted for the installation process; however, a permit does need to be submitted with your city, and a city inspector will come out to inspect the work at a later date.

When it comes to installing a new AC system, make sure you work with a licensed and insured contractor who doesn't work with subcontractors. Make sure the AC system comes with a warranty that covers parts and labor. Be sure the contractor pulls an AC permit if required by your city.