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HVAC And Air Conditioning Tips For Homes

Being unable to effectively control the temperature in your home can dramatically impact life inside your home. Yet, you may not be as vigilant when it comes to pursuing opportunities to maximize the performance of your house's air conditioning systems.

Consider Whether You Should Upgrade To A Central Air Conditioning System

Many older homes may be equipped with window units in order to provide cooling capabilities to the home. However, these units can be among the least effective in terms of cooling output. This can make it fairly difficult for a homeowner to keep their property cool without spending far more on energy costs than necessary. Upgrading to a central air conditioning system can greatly reduce these problems as it will allow you to effectively cool the entire home rather than only rooms that have exterior windows that can support an air conditioning unit.

Keep The Exterior Unit's Vents Unobstructed

Letting the exterior vents of the air conditioning system become obstructed is a mistake that homeowners can make that may greatly reduce the performance of the air conditioning system. When these vents on the exterior unit become obstructed, it can have a couple of different impacts on the system's performance depending on the particular vents. For example, if an intake vent becomes obstructed, the system will experience a decrease in the air output that it can generate. However, if one of the heat vents becomes obstructed, the system may struggle to effectively cool the air as the condenser coils may not be able to radiate the heat they have absorbed. This problem is the most likely to occur during the fall as trees shedding their leaves can easily obstruct these vents.

Review Whether Elevating The Air Conditioning Unit Will Be Needed

Depending on the terrain of the land around your home, you may need to have the exterior air conditioning unit elevated. This will reduce the risk of the system flooding due to ponding water, which can ruin the system. Ideally, the unit should be elevated at the time that it is installed. However, if this was not done for your system, you may still be able to do it by having an air conditioning contractor visit your property and install an elevated foundation under the air conditioning system. This can raise the unit several inches off the ground so that ponding water or flash flooding will be far less likely to cause significant damage to the mechanical or electronic systems that allow your air conditioning system to work smoothly and efficiently.

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