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3 Tell-Tale Signs Of Low Humidity In Commercial Buildings

Are you a commercial property owner? Your commercial property can have humidity issues that can cause discomfort and other issues. The problems caused by humidity may be subtle, but they may also be noticeable and problematic. Sometimes it might not be obvious to property owners that they are dealing with a humidity issue.

HVAC systems can ensure comfort because they dehumidify or remove humidity from indoor air. This is usually an appreciated action because it means that your system is performing as intended and cooling. However, you should not make a mistake and assume that humidity is an issue that only causes problems during the hot months.

Extremely low levels of humidity can also cause issues, and these are likely to get noticed during colder months when heating systems are used. Low humidity issues can be improved or reversed by using a humidifier. The following are a few abnormal things you might observe if you have low humidity conditions for an extended length of time.

Skin Issues

Low humidity issues cause air to feel drier. This drying effect may irritate you or your employees' skin. This sign may be difficult to narrow down to humidity issues because it likely will not affect everyone. It might also get dismissed as being caused by another irritant in the workplace such as certain materials or substances used in manufacturing or cleaning processes. 

Unexplainable Health Conditions

Respiratory conditions may arise from low humidity issues. The drying effects of the air can cause nasal tissues to dry out. This may cause an itchy feeling and cause individuals to scratch or pick the inner portions of their noses. It is also possible for inexplicable nosebleeds to happen due to excessively dry air. An HVAC technician can test your commercial air quality for allergens and humidity levels, which can help identify problems related to your HVAC system. 

Changes in  Building Materials

You might notice some warping to your building's materials. Low humidity issues can cause building materials to dry out. This is particularly noticeable with wooden materials. They may warp. This can cause gaps to occur between pieces of wooden flooring. It can also interfere with doors constructed from wood closing properly. 

A commercial HVAC technician is a good resource to use to learn more about humidity and how it can impact your quality of living and the integrity of your home and possessions. They can offer insight about humidifiers which can correct humidity issues. Some homeowners may experience high-humidity despite using their AC systems. Technicians might recommend installing dehumidifiers to correct this type of humidity issue.