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What to Know About Carbon Monoxide and Your HVAC System

If you have natural gas in your home, there is the potential for you to have carbon monoxide in your home without you knowing it. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colorless and odorless, and having it in your home can be fatal. That is why carbon monoxide detectors are so important to have, which can lead you to a few questions about them. Here are some questions you likely have about your gas-powered furnace and carbon monoxide.

What Causes Furnaces to Leak Carbon Monoxide?

There are a few reasons why carbon monoxide can leak into your home from your furnace, but it is mainly caused by the fuel not burning off as it should or not leaving your home. This could be a problem with the heat exchanger having a crack in it, causing those fumes to enter your home unexpectedly. There also could be an issue with the flue pipe having a crack in it as well. Even a clogged air filter can cause a backup of carbon monoxide that leaks into your home through the path of least resistance.

What Are the Signs of a Carbon Monoxide Leak?

If you ever feel like you have become dizzy or weak while inside your home, try stepping outside to see if this makes you feel better. That is because dizziness is a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning. You may also experience symptoms as if you have the flu, such as nausea and vomiting. If everyone in your home is developing these symptoms all at once, shut down your HVAC system and get help immediately.

Where Can You Put Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

The best defense against carbon monoxide is to use detectors in your home that can catch the problem as early as possible. You'll want to place one near your HVAC system so that it can detect the leak first. However, you should really have a carbon monoxide detector installed on every floor of your home, especially near the bedrooms. The biggest danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is if a leak were to happen while you were sleeping when you cannot notice the symptoms. A carbon monoxide detector will wake you up to let you know that there is a problem so that you can leave the home immediately.

If you are experiencing an issue with your HVAC system leaking carbon monoxide, reach out to a furnace repair company to inspect and repair the system for you.