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Tips When Coming up With a Commercial AC Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is a must for getting the most amount of years out of a commercial AC system. You don't want to go at it carelessly, though. That could end up causing injury and damage to the system itself. You can come up with the right maintenance plan for this commercial system by doing these things. 

Stay Proactive, Not Reactive

How you approach commercial AC maintenance is critical in your steps being meaningful and paying off now and years later. The right mindset is proactive, not reactive. Then you'll be able to care for systems before problems arise with them, whether it's the air filter or condenser coil outside.

Responding to simpler problems before they become major also helps you minimize repair severity. You can hire a contractor and they'll be able to repair the issue a lot faster than if you just waited until major problems started popping up. 

Separate Winter and Summer Tasks

How you maintain a commercial AC system in the winter is completely different than how you would want to maintain it during the summer, when it's used more frequently. You thus want to separate maintenance tasks for winter and summer periods.

For instance, during the winter season, you want to use protective tarps on the condenser unit since it is outside exposed to cold temperatures that could affect performance. When summer hits, you may need to increase the number of times you inspect and service components since they're used more frequently. If you keep these maintenance steps separated based on season, you'll see better results and your commercial AC system can perform much better. 

Get Professionals Involved

Even if you have a lot of hands-on experience taking care of the commercial AC system around your property, you still want to get professionals involved in its maintenance plan. They can provide additional services that you may not be capable of handling yourself.

For example, they can recharge your AC system so that it continues to produce cool air when coolant levels start taking a dip. Professionals can also look over your current maintenance plan, making adjustments if there are potential areas or steps not covered that need to be.

You want to get a maintenance plan together for your commercial AC system as soon as possible. If you know what systems to look over, make sure everyone is on board, and adjust this plan according to the results you get, then you'll have a commercial AC system that lasts a long time.