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When Is It An AC Emergency?

You want to make HVAC servicing appointments once a year and before you start using it for the summer. You can make these appointments at a time when it's most convenient for you. Also, if there are things going on with the system that are minor, then you may want to make a regular repair appointment. However, there are times when you want to have someone come out right away, even if it is the weekend or after hours. When you call someone out for this type of repair, it is considered an emergency call, and they will send someone out right away to look at what's going on with your AC, and they will fix it right away if possible. Here are some examples of HVAC emergencies: 

The system is producing some strange smells

Smells can be an indication of problems. If you suddenly smell a musty smell out the vents, this may be mold, and you want to turn the air off right away and get someone out quickly because some types of mold are dangerous to breathe in. Also, if there is a burning smell, then this can mean that something got so overheated that it really is burning. This can put your whole household and the house itself in danger of a full-fledged fire. Turn off the unit and call the AC repair company to come out for a serious emergency call. 

The system is making some strange sounds

Strange sounds should not just start being made by the air conditioning. A fan belt that's loose is a common reason for noises. Something else that can make loud noises is the compressor working at a high-pressure level, and this can be dangerous. You want to turn the AC off and call for someone to come right out to investigate sounds. 

The system won't produce cool air

If you have the air conditioning on, but cool air isn't being generated or it's not blowing out any air at all, then there can be any number of problems going on. There could be something minor going on, but there could also be something major happening. You want to turn the AC off so you don't continue to waste energy since it's not cooling the air anyway. This may be another time when you want to make an emergency call, depending on how hot your home is going to be without any air and how long you would have to wait for a regular repair appointment.

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