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Signs That You Need Mold Removal Services

After winter, it's that time of the year to clean, declutter, and organize your home. You may notice some mold formation in different areas of the house. Although molds are essential organisms in the ecosystem, they can dent the appearance of your home. Additionally, mold growth inside the house can lead to allergies that may cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, nasal congestion, and eye itchiness. Any member of your family with lung disease or asthma can have serious complications. You can enlist the services of a professional mold removal service for a cleaner environment.

Here are the signs that you need mold removal services. 

Musty Smell Inside the House

The first sign of mold is a stuffy smell that emanates from inside the house. The unpleasant odor lasts long, even after opening all the windows to allow for airflow. In addition, the smell is more prevalent in damp areas such as the bathroom or laundry room. When this happens, it's essential to contact a mold removal service for a thorough clean-up. 

Water That Doesn't Move

Have you noticed stationary water in areas where there's supposed to be proper drainage? If water doesn't move, it means mold will find a good place to breed. Similarly, if there are water stains on different surfaces, it means mold will likely form there. Typically, mold forms in moist areas, and therefore, there's a need to get rid of them before the situation gets out of hand. On the same note, humidity creates a friendly environment for mold to develop. If the levels are high, it means your house is at risk of mold forming in different areas. Leaking pipes can also create good conditions for mold to grow. Even if you fix the broken pipes, mold can still grow in areas where water was stagnant. 

Discolorations on Surfaces

Mold formation can manifest as slimy or hazy discoloration. Despite the misconception that mold is black, some species have different color variations and may appear red, white, grey, or brown. Some look like fuzz, sand granules, and dust. If you discover these colors on different surfaces, you can be sure there's a mold infestation in your home, and there's a need to contact a professional mold removal service.

Even after the weather improves or there's proper air circulation, there will be stains on mold infested surfaces. Contact mold removal service today to eliminate mold for fresh air and healthy living.