You Can Save Money Too

3 Things To Do Before Replacing Your AC

If the time has come to look into a replacement air conditioner for your home, it makes sense to do a bit of planning first. Attending to the following three things before replacing the AC is a must. 

1. Assess Current Duct Work

It's a good idea to have your current duct system professionally inspected and assessed prior to installing a new AC unit. Over time ducts can become loose and develop air gaps, which can impact the efficiency and cooling capacity of an air conditioning system. Further, dirt and dust can restrict airflow and lead to a dirty AC that doesn't perform well. In some cases, duct repair and cleaning may negate the need for a new air conditioner. Even if you still need a new unit, you won't have to worry about duct problems impacting its performance. This extends the service life of your replacement unit and will also save you money on repairs and maintenance in the future. 

2. Consider Any Home Alterations

Simply replacing the old AC with a similar model in size and power may not be the best choice. If your home has been altered over the years, this could impact your AC unit choice. Examples of alterations include the building of new additions that increase the square footage of your home, as well as the removal or installation of walls that change the layout of a space. Even exterior changes, such as the removal of shade trees or the installation of window awnings, can affect the size and output needs for a new air conditioner. An HVAC professional can help you determine what your current needs are for a replacement unit. 

3. Look Into Alternative Options

You do not have to replace the old AC with the same type of unit. If you previously had a window unit because your home doesn't have ductwork, there are other options. You can sometimes have ductwork installed, or you can go with a mini-split air conditioning system. This provides cooling similar to a ducted system but you can customize the settings to the room or zone. Further, it will free up your windows. Even those with ducts may prefer to switch to mini-splits or even a heat pump system due to the increased energy efficiency or more customizable cooling options these types of air conditioners provide.

Contact an air conditioning replacement service to learn more about the process of installing a new unit in your home.