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Figuring Out The Mystery Of Noisy Air Vents

Have you noticed noises coming from your air vents? If so, you likely find it annoying and wonder about the cause. There are numerous things that can contribute to noisy air vents. However, the phenomenon is usually related to an issue with the ductwork in homes. The following points will help you understand some common causes.

Duct Size

Individuals with large homes may notice noises if their ducts are too small for their homes. If the ducts in a home are too small, homeowners might notice popping noises. The noise is related to the size of the ducts and the expansion and retraction of air pushing through the system.

Duct Shape

Many homeowners do not know the shape of their ducts. Some assume that all ducts are circular in shape. However, ducts can be manufactured in a square, circle, or rectangle shape. The circular shape is a common choice for homeowners because circular ducts operate quieter. There are options for homeowners who have square and rectangular ducts to make their ductwork operate quieter. An HVAC contractor can insulate the ductwork. The other option is to extract and replace the existing ductwork. 

Vent Location

Vents can be located on floors or on walls. If there are vents installed on floors, it is possible for the cause of the noisy operation to be an obstruction in the vent. Objects can get trapped in vents that are located on floors. 

Filter Issues

There are numerous issues that a filter can cause. If a filter is not installed properly, an HVAC system might emit a whistling noise. This is a simple fix. Homeowners can simply readjust the installed air filter. Clogged filters can overwhelm HVAC systems. This may result in more than system breakdowns and higher energy bills. Proper airflow cannot occur when a filter is clogged. As the air tries to force through, it can cause a strange sound to occur. 

Closed Vents

Closed vents interfere with the balance of airflow within the ductwork. The imbalance can produce unexpected noises. Homeowners who practice this habit might benefit from considering investing in zoned thermostats to control the temperature in each room of their homes rather than closing vents. This is something that many homeowners do in an attempt to save on their energy bills. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine the exact nature of noisy air ducts or sounds that appear to be coming from your vents. They can provide the best answers to your nuisance. You can also rely on them to make HVAC upgrades and amendments to your ductwork that can make your system less noisy.