You Can Save Money Too

Repairing Your Home's Furnace System

Furnace problems can leave your home a cold and uncomfortable place to be. Many of the more common furnace problems will provide some warning signs before a complete failure, and this may allow an observant homeowner to be able to quickly take steps to address the issue before the system suddenly fails.

Higher Operating Costs

Monitoring the amount of energy that your furnace is using can provide you with important information. In particular, it will allow you to look for instances where the operating costs have increased. These situations could indicate that the furnace is needing to be serviced by a repair technician. In addition to lowering the operating costs, this could also address problems before they lead to failures or even safety risks.

Color Changes for the Burner or Pilot Light

The color of the flame on the burner or pilot light changing will be another indication that there is a problem with the unit. Ideally, this flame should be blue, but the presence of rust or other contaminants can cause it to change to a yellow or red color. This can be particularly common with older furnaces as corrosion could be more likely to start occurring inside the burner. Replacing the entire burner or pilot light system may seem excessive, but the corrosion could lead to significant safety problems for the unit. For example, it could eventually lead to punctures developing in the burner that may allow fuel to seep out. Fortunately, replacing these components is a quick task for a furnace repair technician, which can make it easy to repair this problem while having to go without heat in the home for no more than a few hours.

Uneven Heating of the Home's Interior

In addition to producing large amounts of heat, a furnace will also need to be able to distribute the heat throughout the structure. When the heat is not effectively distributed, it can lead to some areas of the home becoming too hot or too cold. If your heating system has suddenly started to develop this problem, it may indicate that the blower is starting to fail. In addition to having immediate impacts on the comfort of your home's interior, this problem can also put the furnace under additional stress that may cause excessive wear to occur. In some cases, thoroughly cleaning and lubricating the blower may be all that is needed to restore the system's performance, but more serious damage is likely to result in the blower needing to be replaced. 

If you are in need of a furnace repair, contact a specialist in your area.