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Grocery Stores: Why Is Your Refrigerated Display Case Warm?

If one of your large refrigerated food display cases stays warm throughout the day, call a commercial HVAC contractor today. Your warm display case may cost you more than just money and merchandise. Your customers may also become dissatisfied with your store and go elsewhere for groceries. Learn why your refrigerated food displace case stays warm and how to fix it below. 

What's Wrong With Your Display Case?

Many grocery stores rely on refrigerated and frozen food displace cases to keep their goods fresh and safe for customers. However, display cases can experience issues that prevent them from getting or staying cold enough to protect food. The issues can deter customers from purchasing your food or visiting your store altogether.

Display cases can stay warm for a number of reasons, including low coolant. Like other types of commercial HVAC equipment, refrigerated food display cases rely on coolant to stay cold. Coolant picks up heat as it cycles through the equipment. If the coolant inside your display case becomes low or obsolete, heat can build up inside the equipment instead. Your display case may become warm enough to spoil your goods.

Several other things may cause problems for your display case, including a frozen evaporator coil, a dirty compressor motor, or a clogged drainage system. The best way to fix the problems with your display case is to hire a commercial HVAC contractor soon. 

How Do You Repair Your Display Case?

A commercial HVAC contractor will first check the coolant levels inside your equipment. If the equipment doesn't have enough coolant in it, a contractor can charge it for you. If the display case still doesn't get cold enough after the coolant charge, a contractor will inspect the rest of the parts inside the equipment for you. 

A contractor will most likely check the evaporator coil inside the display case first. Ice or frost can develop on the coil's surface and keep it from moving heat out of the appliance. The heat will back up into the display case instead. If the coil contains a block of ice on it, a contractor will remove it. A contractor may also check the surface of the coil to see if it contains anything that may lead to a problem later on, such as dust or particles of food.

If a contractor needs to do anything else to your display case, they'll let you know before they do so.

You can cool down your warm refrigerated food display case by contacting a commercial HVAC service, such as Indoor Comfort Inc, today.