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4 Things That Will Affect The Cost Of Your New AC Now And Later On

Have you been undertaking frequent repairs on your AC? Or are you dealing with higher energy bills than you are not accustomed to? If this is the case, you should consider replacing your appliance. If you're doing this for the first time, you probably have concerns about the installation costs. Usually, HVAC experts consider several factors in determining the overall cost of the installation. Read on to learn some of these factors. 

The Space Requirements

Naturally, a large cooling unit is costly. On the contrary, a smaller AC is cheaper. To know the right equipment size for your home, your HVAC contractor will perform a load calculation. This step is crucial in helping you purchase a correctly sized unit. The downside of installing a disproportionately small AC is that you'll have to keep it running all the time to meet your home's cooling needs. And if overly large, it will short-cycle. Whether too small or too large, you'll experience unjustifiable energy bills. Therefore, purchasing an AC that fits the building's square footage is crucial. It will save you money on the initial installation and maintenance costs.

The AC System You Wish to Consider

The cooling units available in the market come with varying installation prices. For instance, you might want to consider a ductless system or window unit since it costs less to install than a ducted system. And when selecting the type of unit that best suits your needs, think about long-term savings. You can make huge savings if you buy an energy-efficient air conditioner. 

The Efficiency of Your Appliance

Regardless of the air conditioner you choose, it will have a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). High-efficiency ratio means your system will have better energy savings. Nevertheless, this feature comes at a higher installation cost. 

The Current State of the Ductwork 

The cost of installing your new air conditioning unit will be high if you replace the existing ductwork. Usually, the charges are based on the complexity of the ducts. In addition, it will depend on the ducting material and how easily the technicians can access the channels. If you already have an air duct system, request your installer to check on its condition before giving a quote. They may suggest repairs instead of a replacement. In that case, you'll incur a lower cost. 

Many homeowners fret over the cost of installing a new cooling system. But you are better positioned to create a budget with the few ideas shared in this guide. However, consult your HVAC contractor to determine the exact cost of your project.

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