You Can Save Money Too

Is Your Old Furnace Driving Your Heating Bills Too High? Consider A Replacement Today

If your outdated furnace keeps blowing a fuse on the circuit breaker box and you've noticed your heating bills keep getting higher and higher, it's time to talk with an HVAC team about updating the unit. A gas furnace will last about 15-20 years, but if your furnace is at least a decade old then it may be costing you additional money each month on your heating bills.

You also don't want a unit that is consuming so much electricity that it blows the breaker. Talk with the heating and cooling professionals about the following things.

A Newer Efficient Unit

The units on the market are different from what was available even just 10 years ago. The units have been improved to run at a high-efficiency rating, some of them running at over 98 percent efficiency. If your current unit is running at even 20 percent less, this is costing you big annually. Get a quote for the best unit for the size and layout of your house and see how you can start saving after installation.

Replacing the Breaker Fuse

Replace the fuse that keeps breaking and have the circuit breaker looked at. Upgrading the furnace to a more efficient model may take some strain off the circuit breaker because the unit may require less electricity to function. Ignoring a breaker could cause a fire hazard in the home, so don't let this go without being checked. Have an electrician check out the unit if there are serious concerns.

Checking the Ducts

Since the HVAC professionals will already be at your home to replace the furnace, you should have them look through the ducts of the house. They have special camera equipment to do this. The ducts will shift and move over time, which leads to gaps and separation. You could easily be losing up to 30 percent of the heat your furnace is producing through the ducts before the air reaches its intended destination. Ask if your ducts need to be sealed or realigned.

High heating bills can be stressful, and if yours continue to rise with a heating unit that you know is getting old, it's time to make a change. Talk with an HVAC professional to see what type of unit will be the best, what the cost will be, and what other alterations you may have to make to your HVAC system when you do the replacement.

Reach out to an HVAC repair service to find out more.