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3 Of The Most Common Furnace Issues And Their Possible Solutions

The cold weather is here, and everyone is doing their best to stay indoors and maintain comfort. During such times, the furnace helps keep your household warm, but only when it is in excellent working condition. On the other hand, if you have had to layer up or add an extra blanket to your bed, you probably have issues with your furnace. Here are the most common complications that furnaces develop and their possible solutions.

When the System Is Dripping

A leaky furnace is a typical complaint by many homeowners. Note that this is commonly due to condensation leaks, plumbing issues, a malfunctioning humidifier, and blocked internal drainage. More importantly, responding the minute you detect a leak is essential. Also, as you wait for the expert to arrive, turn off the system and try to clean up the water. However, you should not touch the unit if it is buzzing, as this could indicate the system has an electrical issue. Moreover, if you can't get inside, try to figure out the source of the water from afar to help you anticipate the technician's needs.

When the System Starts Making Unusual Noises

Many dysfunctional furnaces make odd noises. There could be a variety of sounds, such as humming, clanking, and buzzing. Keep in mind that many things could go wrong with your furnace and cause it to make weird noises. For example, you could be dealing with a failing component, damaged fans, loose parts, and more.

The most important thing to remember is to resolve the cause of unusual sounds in good time. Usually, such noises point to an underlying problem that could cause unit failure. When troubleshooting, remember that scraping noises caused by metal pieces grinding against each other are typically associated with the wheel in the blower. On the other hand, bursting sounds typically suggest fire in the air ducts, whereas shrieking noises point to problematic motor bearings.

Issues with the Pump in the Condensate System

You might need to clean the pump in your unit if it has stopped pumping condensate as it should. However, avoid using the machine if it gets ruined since it poses a safety risk. More so, ensure the pump's float hasn't stopped working after the furnace has shut off, and if this is the case, the pump requires thorough washing. If the problem persists, call a furnace repair expert close to you to assess the damage and advise you on repair or replacement.

These are the top culprits when you notice issues with your furnace. So, speak to a heating expert near you to help you deal with these complex issues before they lead to a cold night.

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