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Important Signals You Need AC Repair

Warmer days are coming soon, and it's good to be prepared with an air conditioning system that is in good repair. Having your system de-winterized is the first big step to getting ready for spring and summer. Doing what you can to ensure your air conditioner is in good condition also includes recognizing the signs that repairs or maintenance are necessary. There are some common signals to look for that indicate you need professional AC repair services.

Strong or Bad Odor Comes Through the Vents

It's important to recognize that it's not that unusual for an air conditioner or furnace to omit an odor when it's being used for the first time in several months. What isn't normal is for any strong smell to continue after it's been running for a while. Smells can result from unclean parts or parts that are otherwise not functioning the way they should. To prevent serious damage, the first sign of bad odors should prompt a call to an AC repair professional. An HVAC repair service can examine your equipment personally, but they can also run diagnostic tests. Many homes with smart-home technology can also tell you what the problem is with the AC.

Cool Air Turns Warm

One of the most common signals an air conditioner is in need of maintenance or repair is when it isn't putting out crisp, cool air. This can be a maintenance issue or it could mean there is a serious repair that's needed. In many cases, simply not changing your air filter can cause the air from the AC unit to be less than cool. An HVAC professional can change your filter, check the coolant, and make sure the fan is working properly. The good news is that, if it is a filter, this type of maintenance is relatively inexpensive.

Inconsistent Temperature in Different Rooms

Another big sign there is an issue with your AC unit is if different parts of the house are not being evenly cooled. This can be due to parts of the home having poor insulation, but it may also be due to a thermostat setting issue or AC ventilation issue. Vents can get blockages, sometimes due to dirt and debris or various critters that can get stuck. An AC repair service can help you with ventilation cleaning, and they can help you with thermostat issues. Quite often, a simple setting change can make an uneven temperature issue go away.

While many AC issues are simple to fix, it's important to address problems as they arise. Small problems can often lead to bigger issues if left unchecked. With how expensive an air conditioner is, it's worth it to properly maintain it all year round.