Have A Humid House That Won't Get Cool? Call An AC Repair Service Fast To Battle The Heat

The hot days feel even hotter when your AC unit isn't working properly, and if your unit isn't removing the humidity out of your home and the house isn't getting down to the temperature you set, you need a professional. Find an AC repair service that can send a team member to your home to check out the unit. There are a lot of issues that could be the cause of your problems when you have a unit that is a few years old or older. [Read More]

Upgrading The Heating System For Your Home

Undertaking a project to improve your home's heating can be an excellent investment of your time and energy as this is an improvement that will be capable of dramatically enhancing the warmth of your home while also minimizing your energy costs as much as possible. The Ventilation Needs Of The Heating System A key factor to review when you are upgrading a home's heating system will be the amount of ventilation that the system will require. [Read More]

Why Does Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Keep Blowing Its Fuses?

Central air conditioning systems use fuses to protect the condenser or outdoor unit from current overflows. If more electricity flows through the circuit than the fuses are designed for, the fuses heat up and burn out, cutting the power supply to the air conditioner. Fuses are small, inexpensive devices that are easy to replace. However, merely replacing them without addressing the underlying problem can expose your central AC to extensive damage. [Read More]

3 Of The Most Common Furnace Issues And Their Possible Solutions

The cold weather is here, and everyone is doing their best to stay indoors and maintain comfort. During such times, the furnace helps keep your household warm, but only when it is in excellent working condition. On the other hand, if you have had to layer up or add an extra blanket to your bed, you probably have issues with your furnace. Here are the most common complications that furnaces develop and their possible solutions. [Read More]