Maintaining Your Box-Style Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioning unit installed in one of the windows of your home to keep the room where it is located cool, you undoubtedly want it to work properly at times when the temperature becomes too hot for comfort. There are some steps that are necessary to ensure your unit works as it should at all times. Take Time To Clean Your Unit Periodically  With the constant running of an air conditioning unit, it will become clogged with debris that is sucked through the ventilation system. [Read More]

3 Things You Shouldn't Do When Replacing Your Furnace

If your furnace can no longer achieve its intended function, a new and improved replacement will guarantee that your home remains comfortable during the cold season. That said, every homeowner knows that a new installation is costly, and avoiding mistakes that may compromise its effective heating is paramount. Failure to do this will leave you with never-ending repairs after minimal usage. Hence, watch out for the mistakes mentioned below.  Not Checking the Condition of the Ductwork [Read More]

Do You Receive High Energy Bills? 4 Furnace Repairs That Might Fix The Problems

Energy bills are probably highest during freezing and hot months. When your furnace runs continually to keep your loved ones warm, you can expect slightly high energy bills for the period. However, the utility bill should not skyrocket to unfathomable figures. You'll want to hire a heating contractor to help you fix the problem causing high energy bills in your home. The following are a few possible repairs the expert might attempt. [Read More]

Is Your Old Furnace Driving Your Heating Bills Too High? Consider A Replacement Today

If your outdated furnace keeps blowing a fuse on the circuit breaker box and you've noticed your heating bills keep getting higher and higher, it's time to talk with an HVAC team about updating the unit. A gas furnace will last about 15-20 years, but if your furnace is at least a decade old then it may be costing you additional money each month on your heating bills. You also don't want a unit that is consuming so much electricity that it blows the breaker. [Read More]